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Teaching Multilingual, LLC started back in 2008 under the name Teaching Bilingual, LLC. A bilingual kindergarten teacher believed there had to be a more efficient way of teaching. A fun and engaging method for students to learn the basic skills of reading, such as phonemic awareness and all the phonological awareness skills in English and Spanish. In addition, she thought of creating an educational product teacher would be ready to use that is student-friendly and that could be used as a formative assessment in small group instruction and centers. She based the foundations of this product on educational research. She made a prototype in class, and her students had the highest scores in the school district that year. The district officials came to her classroom to see what she was doing. She showed them the prototype and how her students were beginning to read in both languages, English and Spanish. She also used this method with her own children, who were reading by the time they entered kindergarten.

This teacher not only thought about the phonological aspect but also the increase in vocabulary, print awareness, and fine motor skills that were in great need. This was the beginning of this journey. She wanted students to be masters and teach other students as well during centers or small groups. In addition, she wanted to empower teachers and parents through this initiative as well through literacy nights and one coaching. The system worked not only in her classroom but in other classrooms where teachers followed the method. Teachers must have believed in it and owned it to work. This educator is Faby Perry, Masters of Education.

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About Faby Perry Masters in Bilingual Education & C&I with specialization in Reading

Faby Perry, Masters of Education is a native of Venezuela. She came to the U.S in 1998 and finished her studies in education and psychology at Texas A&M University. She earned a master’s degree from the same university in Bilingual Education. She worked in school districts for almost 20 years as a Spanish and Bilingual teacher, mentor, literacy coach, and trainer. Recently, she earned her M.S of Science in Curriculum & Instruction with a Specialization in Reading from Texas A&M International University in 2022. She is an entrepreneur and an advocate for students of other languages, early childhood education, teachers, and parents. She loves learning and refining teachers through effective coaching. She believes in empowering schools by empowering teachers, students, and parents in the science of teaching reading readiness skills and language acquisition.

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Phonetic Mat

(early childhood students ages 3-7)

The Phonetic Mat is a research-based educational tool designed to help early childhood ESL, bilingual or monolingual students in pre-kinder and kindergarten master phonological and phonemic awareness, concepts of print, letter knowledge, vocabulary, and fine motor skills. This tool is designed to be used in small-group instruction, centers, or with students in other grades who need mastery of these skills. It can also be used as a formative way of assessment. As the student connects the letter sound with the name through the use of a song, students practice letter names, swiping left to right, fine motor skills, upper- and lower-case matching, letter formation, and onset and rhyme, among other skills.

The package consists of:

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