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Literacy coaching is always a win-win situation! Collaboration, commitment, dedication, and the thirst for learning are imperative to see the fruit of the labor. In our coaching services, we strive to provide substantial modeling, co-teaching, and feedback to teachers who are willing to refine the art of teaching reading and writing to early childhood students. Whether at home or at school, teachers are the ones to empower children to love reading and writing! A positive attitude comes 1st when learning from one another. Our approach to coaching is complete commitment and collaboration. We focus on an intentional approach to teaching students to master phonemic and phonological awareness through singing and effective research-based routines and strategies to create mastery through daily practice using educational targets of reading readiness.

We envision coaching teachers to become masters of our program and coach other teachers. However, we extend our services to do literacy nights for schools that use our program. Train parents and teachers through online coaching in real-time or at their own pace.

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Parental Coaching and Literacy Nights

Learning to read is a complex task, but teaching children how to read can be even more challenging. To teach children how to read, adults need to have some kind of formal training added to their personal experience. For many parents learning to read perhaps was a traumatic experience. Maybe they had a reading disability, spoke another language than English, had a learning difficulty, or simply did not receive sufficient help from teachers or parents. When the magic of decoding words brings meaning to a child, the magic begins. Since most parents are not in the world of education, they can highly benefit from literacy nights and small group coaching sessions depending on the need of their students. We divided coaching sessions into primary and upper-grade level sessions to accommodate parents according to their needs. For primary, this is pre-k through 2nd grade, we focus on the basis of reading readiness skills and best practices parents can aid their students at home. For upper-grade levels, this is 3rd to 5th grade, we focus on word attack strategies and reading comprehension skills parents can use at home to help their student. Ultimately, the goal is for parents to be more aligned and have a better understanding of what teachers are trying to accomplish in schools regarding reading and school expectations while learning practical strategies to help their children be successful readers through modeling, practice, and good reading habits.

The Research Behind it

At home or in public schools, the desire is for our nation to increase children’s reading skill comprehension as the highway of information presents a challenge to all of us to handle new valuable information every day. The demands are high, and children’s ability to read well and develop critical thinking skills is the priority.

Teaching Multilingual, LLC is a research-based company that thrives in creating educational materials to ensure students master the skills needed to become successful readers and to nurture their love for reading and writing. We focus on the most effective and practical research to develop reading and writing abilities and language acquisition for students other than English. The topic of reading and writing, and language development have been broadly studied, and day by day, new experts share their findings through the World Wide Web. In this globalized world, information travels faster than ever. More than ever, professionals in education have access to the latest findings on how to more efficiently teach children how to read, how to help struggling readers, and train teachers and parents with practical strategies that are needed for students. Our products intend to offer students not only exposure to the content, vocabulary, and Balanced Literacy needed to succeed but also strategies that have been successful and tried under trials and studies with 100s of students.

As the Science of reading research indicates, we believe in the simple view of reading that comprises pre-reading skills for decoding words and language comprehension, in which language acquisition is imperative. Children must develop decoding skills, phonological awareness, and sight word mastery, along with an increment in vocabulary and a broad spectrum of literacy skills to master READING COMPREHENSION, according to Scarborough’s Reading Rope.

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We start at the beginning. We believe a successful early childhood education in reading and writing solidifies the rest of a student’s education. Our own products have shown to be successful in classrooms where teachers are committed and intentional and where explicit teaching takes place. As we grow our business, we are committed to formally collecting data to see areas for possible improvement. Part of our research and best practices come from sources such as Reading Research Quarterly, National Reading Panel, International Reading Association, National Association for the Education of Young Children, and studies from highly accredited experts such as Lucy Calkins, Douglas Fisher, Wiley Blevins among others, and Universities across the nation and abroad.

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